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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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serving low income and underserved students. >> thank you commissioner haney. >> for the same reasons i'll be supporting this this is something that makes sense to be able to build the relationships in the cohort i wanted to one similar to commissioner maufas commend you for the success of the high school so far and the growth it's a couple of years open and it's amazing this excitement and interest i'll say awhile i have you here and i know it's something i've expressed before there's a co-location as we know with kip high school and the national high school academy it's critical for us that has kip high school grows and clearly that will continue to grow we work together and communicate well and collaborate i wasn't
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here with the kip high school charter was approved i know that since that co-location has been put in place we've had changed and opportunity to make sure we're committed to the success of both schools and make sure that happens so i know your school is going to grow and kip high school and as part of the sfusd community there are good things to think about when we're together on the campus. >> thank you for your work. >> dr. murase. >> i'll be supporting in i want to commend the kip leadership in working with this in terms of the impacts your school has i wanted to raise one impact because kip is fourth grade to 8th and i'm sorry fifth to eight
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grade model i know that's been available for families i've heard testimony but i know that traditionally opinions survivor when we lose schools to kinney hope families if they know that they're enrolled and there can be planning at the fifth grade level we lost kids. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i just wanted to say that i'll be supporting this also and i've appreciated the effort you made during the transition into a high school model and the work i've been doing with the district i think one of the things we look for in our charters we have a limited number of charters is the strong
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relationship and partnership they're not you know separate from any of our other schools you've placed a good roll and you serve a unique purpose in my mind and i think dr. murase noted accident fifth grade start this is port part of our uniqueness and in my community and the kids at kip have done well and the families are happy thank you for that as well i'll be supporting this. >> so i want to say thank you all for coming and bringing out our supporters and the petitions before us i hope in the future we can collaborate more deeply around the collaboration of around our high schools we've helped each other it's great we're working together and we're ready for a vote.
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>> thank you, commissioner. >> mr. chin mr. haney ms. maufas ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton ms. wynns no president fewer 6 i's. >> congratulation thank you very much (clapping.) so kip and gateway supporters if you are not staying for the full agenda please depart quietly so we can continue now a special order of business for charter items may i have a motion and second between the sfusd and charter schools operating a memorandum of understanding agreement so moved. >> second. >> thank you mr. davis will you read the
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recommendations into the record. >> yes. the requested actions that the board of education san francisco school district rectify the memorandum of understanding mous and facilities use agreement f a for the 2014-2015 school year negotiated with the cheater schools by the superintendent for his designated need. >> no public speakers for tonight any comments or questions. >> so i have your card there's a time during public comment that we will speak mr. steel please make sure she has a card so thank you very much no public speakers signed up board questions or comments superintendent steven i think we're ready for a vote. >> ms. sinatra
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mr. chin mr. haney ms. maufas ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton ms. wynns president fewer that's 6 i's and this has on we have a motion and a second already recorded to the last board meeting by the budget community chairs they moved that without recommendation this is one 48 dash 12 s p one authorization to deny or approve the charter school will you please read the resolutions mr. davis. >> authorization to grant in the alternate of deny the chapter
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school whereas pursuant to the education code the one purpose charter petition to the sfusd and whereas pursuant to california education code section 476 so 5 the board of education is in receipt of the renewal petition and whereas the district shall comply with the actions as required by law and whereas the board of education shall consider the level of support for the charter school and all information with respect to the petition and the supporting documentation whereas reviewing the information the board of education will be guided by the board of legislation the sdlz shall be part of the establishment which the charter schools and whereas the district and superintendent
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the district restraint and staff had a review that and report to the board of education tlbdz that the board of education shall grant or deny the requirement set forth by law. >> thank you mr. davis mr. mclaugh ton could you come up and we have a list of speakers signed up this evening for this particular item so as i call our name, please come up to the pronounced you each have two minutes (calling names)
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please line up for first speaker please press the bum. >> good evening supermarket and commissioners and staff i'm hillary the manager and regional director for the charter school it's a nonprofit manipulating advocacy organization that supports the charter movement i'm here in support of the petition our team worked with one purpose we've reviewed the finding and building it meets all the requirements set for the in law to guide our petition the ed code is clear a local agency shall not deny the petition unless the charter school provides an unfounded program and their demonstrately unsuccessful in having the
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program and it doesn't fit the required foivengz the program has been reviewed by the organization we do not support all charters that come our way in our opinion it merits approval it falls to you i ask you approve this charter >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) good evening my name is dan no one i'm a 20-year veteran of the jewel probation department i come in support of one school i'm a resident of the bayview
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district community our community does not have these options this is a city of innovations this is a city where innovation provides choice our community doesn't have those choices we that december pretty well need this we ask the board approve that petition because our community and kids desperately. >> if you ask please the longer time we take to applaud it takes longer so if we could do on a applause at the end. >> i'm a former state of metro arts and he tech i want to start off by saying thank you for
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listening to me i want to start by saying before i went to enlighten schools i went to public and private schools i have a good concept of the good styles of education i went from kindergarten to eight grade when high school came around my parents and i decided to go to a private catholic school would be best i found i didn't fit in there and this wasn't the right fit i thought the teachers were not helpful and the workload became heavy i was falling through the cracks after my sophomore year i transferred and this was the best decision teaching was not something i've experienced the teachers wanted to be there and have you learn
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they were not only our teachers but mentor and friends there was a real accepts of community envision schools helped me if i had to go to metro my life would be different i'm current working with the homicide task force and i'm enrolling in the academy and looking to be a police officer i learned critical thinking and i really hope you approve one purpose school i know if i had have had those teachings at a younger age i would be more successful. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. i was a former
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student at tech high school i'm here today to kind of share my experience the first time i went into the tech school it was nerve ranking i was the first ask the to come from pie high school and i observed the harris everyone knew each other great i was in the background the entire time but that school changed that for me the school created a foundation a sense of community and taught us to care for not only ourselves but everybody else that was all around they give me the leadership skills i have today and they gave me the opportunity to announce my
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sexuality and gave me a chance to around a g s a program and to help with the network that helped us with a youth empowerment program and besides all that if i didn't have this school and never went to this school i or it would be a different situation so thank you, daniel for creating a school like this thank you (clapping.) good evening, commissioners president fewer and superintendent carranza i'm the executive director of my family's walter foundation founded by my father my father graduated from the new jersey public school and was the first to graduate from college he's
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been grateful for the tint after many years of decades of hard work and in the financial position to give back he gave back to the city therefore our mission so to support the the success of students and we fund a wide range of organizations a for example, are jumping starts and first graduate and jim ma and kip and the san francisco ed fund at our december board meeting our board of 10 unanimously voted yes to the one purpose school we believe it will be a trimmers option for the students of southeast san francisco and to the city as a whole the educational model that the one purpose team has crafted is a combination of best practices and the innovation in education one inform is proud of
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again, our foundation that the one purpose is unique and will provide low income families a great education i urge you to you pass this charter. >> i'm claire i'm in support of one purpose i'm an advisory board member for the one purpose i was lucky enough to start my criteria in london i taught psychiatrist and this was the main core for the students academics and our academy was situations murder mile and sorry served the community in its locality and portion of the students were entitled to free meals and as well as the students for special
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education english was an additional language i know in my 11 of 2 hundred students 47 languages were spoken i learned how the practices can be and the students from the cultures i saw the different in the classroom and the classmate climate and the students conflicts and issues such as death and crime were inheritances by my level after relocating with my husband to san francisco i was in a fortunate position to be in an excited community and continued with the start practices it was part of my roll to implement training and continue the development for the staff at&t park the practices i've really
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enjoyed working with the principle at one purpose school around the practices of continuing the advocate for one purpose school i believe in what one purpose stands for i think of that was now in a city i call home. >> please state your name for the record. >> claire way. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> no problem. >> good evening to the board of directors one purpose staff and everyone presenter i'm ms. johnson an active voice for children's education in the underserved district i desire a school like one purpose that is focused and committed to the proposition from the beginning of kids education this is done through
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continuity of care and innovative curriculum and working together for a common violation i've been more existed to build or build the poor and lasting foundation i want the best for dallas and other children throughout san francisco and one purpose school is that action thank you. >> hi, i'm jeff i'm a member of the board of advisors for one purpose i joined the board because i live in the mission and a parent of a 3-year-old child in two years he's going to be 5 and i'm concerned about the educational options but i'm an under no allusion that cart is not accident only way to build schools but it opens unup the
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probability to provide other options in neighborhoods as a form charter school principle i know with when you combine great leadership there's nothing you can't do in a phenomenal program so having worked with this daniel for over a year and antonio they're dedicated to this being a success and i also note and can tell you there's a deep team of visa cards that are equally committed to the long term success and will be there wherever their need and as far as the academic program i agree with the speaker i run a nonprofit that used innovation so i've seen innovation models
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and those guys have taken the best and combined it with traditionally models i see they're focused on emotional levels and technology by teachers this to me a recipe for success i think those guys have created a powerful model we need a school like o p in the mission i ask you to approve the charter thanks and. >> good evening. i'm lisa core i'm one the partners our office provides legal representation to approximately, six hundred of the states chapter schools in the state we've seen highest quality charter schools and seen chapter schools close in the
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state we've started to predict success what's the receipt for school for a high quality success one has the high recipe for success those this leadership that have created successful schools and likely to demonstrately likely to implement the programs sfoethd sfeth in this they have a community that has needs and it's critical for the success of the charter schools they've got a great educational program that targeted that community lining the community up with the educational program additionally they've got a legally completed chart i do want to pat my back but we make sure that chapter is legally compliant and meditates e meets the approvals it is the
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funding that is for the shaurp of the i couldn't tell and the business community i'm here to answer questions you might have around the law i hope you will align our decision with the intent of the elective it is your that you encourage the legislation of charter schools i have no basis for denial legally only a chapter that exceeds the chapter so, please please approve the charter. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm lee rosenthal the director for the agency it's a tremendous honor to provide high quality and mental health and school climate interferences we have enjoyed diagnose work with the district we've been partnering with one partnering
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school looking forward to helping them meeting the similar goals to the district and bring in some of the lessons with the collaboration specifically in special education for students for african-american students and students in the mission district and we look forward to be able to share the lessons learned with the district in the continuing work as part of the full participating wife been in full conversations with one purpose school for over a year and done close collaborations to build a program that's legally compliant and able to meet the needs of students at their critical point of interference and part of the program involves the partnership to make sure they're able to create an
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inclusive school setting. >> thank you very much no other speakers. >> all right. seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner questions or comments. >> president fewer. >> yes. >> i was hoping i was open the list of public comment. >> yes. two minutes. >> would you be will. >> yes. i have i would be glad if you gave me two minutes and 20 seconds. >> if i could give the curriculum committee report and . >> well, this is part of public comment then we'll hear the report from the curriculum is that okay. then thank you. >> president fewer and superintendent carranza and commissioners mr. davis i have 3 thoughts to share with you tonight but before i share those thoughts i'd like to ask the oc p reports to stand and model
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they're beautiful - (clapping) thank you first, i'd like to speak to the issue of facilities because i'm confident that o p will get it's chart from the state board of education as you know the state has previewed our appeals but i want to emphasize i come here in collaboration you hope we get to work with the chart from the district regarding the facilities it's simple the sooner o p gets its charter the sooner for private facilities i want o f are p to have private facilities o p backs up it's commitment to getting the facilities we have an k3r0i8d talented task force we have the head of oaks
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partners the head of tom elliott fish that designs the facilities we have the co-founder of public bank a real estate agency and at 14th and van ness we are in negotiations on two properties that will move faster when o p gets its charter my second thought o p models is unique the next generation of challenges some brargdz the challenges the gates and hewitt foundation be assembles $40,000 and asks them to find technical foundation to get students through college so president fewer is checking to can i have more time. >> 40 seconds.
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>> that works. >> now i'm going to jump to this no one else has a model with over arching goal nobody else it building a student agency with those imprints where all the components are integrated the way the sunshine care development with carl al and stem funded learning and project learning a few seconds ago i talked about the national foundation that selected out out for our innovation to come to the parent level as president fewer noted some san francisco schools are going some of the elements with some teachers but simply put if you're an sfusd patent you cannot get the model anywhere else i challenge the
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school board to tell me about an step forward board that is doing an outline teachers forum i want to speak to the words axes action speak louder than are words my colleagues and i show a track record of success with students of color with lgbt and others the schools i've started are among the lgbt supported in san francisco any number of students can give at eloquent speech and you can be sure had lgbt families at o p will be safe and antonio's track record is superb they boosted the highest schools in richmond he


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